Thursday, December 11

A Place to Hide

Have you ever met Prince Charming? I have. Just once. Sure, there have been others who liked to pretend that they were, but they weren't. They were just weak imitations of what Prince Charming should be. What no one tells you though, is that Happily Ever After isn't all that real. Prince Charming doesn't always stick around. I think that would be ok, and I could get over it, except for that we go to the same school. Sure, with 36,000 students you would think that we would have a hard time running into each other. What are the odds that he would happen to have a class in room 445 of the MARB the hour before mine? I'm not sure, but every time that I saw him this semester, my heart hurt. Which was about 3 times a week. Did you know that mountains are great things to climb up and hurt and cry on? Because they are. They broaden your perspective and make everything seem smaller. That makes it easier to deal with. So my advice to those of you who have lost Prince Charming to another princess, Go find a mountain.

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