Sunday, December 21

The Lizard

A True Story from the lives of Packer People

Once there was a little girl who loved lizards. One day, she found a baby lizard in the house, so she picked it up and put it on the front of her shirt. The poor lizard was hanging on for dear life, and was quite afraid to move. So the little girl walked around for a couple hours. Then, it came time to take the doggie to the vet. The little girl did not want to put down her new friend the lizard, so her parents (being kind and understanding) let her keep him on her shirt as they strapped her into her carseat. When they arrived at the vet, the lizard was still hanging on, and her parents were amazed. They made it all the way to the waiting room, and then the lizard chose to make his escape. In all the confusion, the poor lizard got stepped on. His sudden lack of movement made it easy for the little girl to pick him up and put him back on her shirt. Unfortunately, the lizard wasn't able to hold on any longer (being dead and all). So the little girl did what little girls do. She pitched a fit. Her father, being a very creative man, asked the front desk for a piece of tape. So the little girl walked around the rest of the day with a dead lizard attached to the front of her shirt.
The end.

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