Wednesday, December 10

Book of the Week

Okie, His Dark Materials is actually a series, but I recommend it to all! You remember the movie, The Golden Compass? It was based off of Philip Pullman's Northern Lights, and it is actually way better if you read it. There is a great deal of controversy surrounding the books, but I find them to be rich in meaning and Pullman to be a masterful storyteller. I am constantly in awe, every time that I pick them up. For the more conservative of you, I would advise you to stick with the Chronicles of Narnia if it is an allegory that you are looking for. To the rest of you, those of you who can read and learn from it without making a fuss, I encourage you to read it with an open mind. It did not shake my faith, but reminded me of why I am so grateful for what I know. These books are full of truths and meanings, things that can be found everywhere if we are looking for them. The alethiometer is so similar to the liahona, and worlds without end are easier to understand when put in a children's book. Even though Pullman doesn't like C.S. Lewis or Tolkien, that is exactly who he is next to on my bookshelf.

p.s. I recommend the reader's guide to the series by Claire Squires if you get a little confused by all the jumping between worlds.

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  1. Dude what makes these books controversial?? HAHA Seriously I was going to read them, I want to know the catch.


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