Wednesday, December 17


Who is done with finals? Oh, that would be me. And who had a very stressful day yesterday? Oh that would be me.

1) Dawna texted me at six am telling me to leave early because there was snow. I am so thankful she did because I had an exam at 7 and was planning to get up at 5. But that text woke me up. I have never ever gotten ready so fast in my entire life. Hoo boy.

2) I slipped on the way up the stairs and dropped my notebook everywhere. Stupid snow.

3) We aren't going to talk about this one. I am still not quite sure what to do...

4) The plane from Cincinnati was delayed. Stupid snow.

5) Florida is hot! I usually love it, but hello! I've been used to the cold and the jump to 80 degrees is intense! I might come back with a tan though. Too bad I forgot my swimsuit. Suck!

SO there are 5 bad things. Here are 5 good things:

1) I AM HOME!!!!! I missed my family so much and I am so happy to be with them.

2) Tavi loves me. He thinks that I am amazing and he keeps bringing me all his toys.

3) It's so nice and warm here! I will never be cold again.

4) I get to see Packer people today! That's right, be jealous.

5) Christmas is in 8 days!!!!!!!

So Happy Christmakkuh to all!

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  1. I watched an episode today. Mulder went undercover to convince bad guys that he was on their side so that he could obtain insider information.

    He was caught and the man made him kneel down with his hands behind his back (after they broke his pinky by torturing him, of course) and as the gun was raised to the back of his head, I was literally about to bite my bottom lip off. We all know that Mulder doesn't die, but still! Intense!

    The gun fired and Mulder's hair moved and he quickly fell to the ground. For a split second, I was distraught until I realized that the man behind Mulder had actually been shot.
    Phew, that was a close one! Scully came to his rescue and they made out. Okay, I made that part up...

    Miss you!


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