Wednesday, June 10

Breaking the Sound Barrier

Have you ever seen a sonic boom? Let me tell you, this is my new obsession. I am just like a boy, watching it over and over on youtube. I can't begin to tell you why it fascinates me. But I will try anyways. Promise not to think I'm weird or that I've read too many books and watched too much X-Files? Okay. Here goes.
See that last picture? It looks just like the plane is breaking through the barrier of another world. It makes me think that there are other worlds, living side by side our own. Other dimensions of people that are just beyond our grasp. I wonder, do the pilots of those planes feel any different when they get back? I think I need to find one to talk to. He might look at me like I am crazy. Like you are doing right now. I am okay with that.

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