Wednesday, June 17

One Last Thought...

Before I go to bed, I read some blogs. This stems from a lack of books (okay, so I have huge fines at the library. I lost a Harry McClary book last summer. They sure hold grudges.)

Can I just say that I love to read blogs, but it irritates me when I don't know who these people are? I want to know all the secrets. I want to be a {better} version of the Smoking Man on X-Files. Why? I can't really tell you. But I can't handle knowing that other people know secrets that I don't. Ugh. For example, a girl I know is dating a guy that is with Military Intelligence. I can't be around him without getting this tight feeling in my chest, a sort of jealousy, I guess. Elfie encouraged me to seduce him. But then what would that make me? I don't intend to have to work for my secrets. I intend to be so amazing that they drop at my feet. Yes, this is a sort of Dreamland that I am currently occupying. Thank you for asking.

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  1. My Missionary Wednesday posts are from my brother. You probably didn't know that.


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