Friday, June 12

Would You Rather

Because I love this game, Would you rather be able to eat anything you wanted (with no repercussions. Like it would turn into carrots on the way down.) or have any guy in the world fall for you?

We all know how much I love to eat, so this one was difficult for me. Let me help you out.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake


Dierks Bentley

It was difficult until I said, "Mulder" to myself.


  1. Definately I would go with the food. Food won't betray you, cheat on you, break your things, be stupid, lose its temper; Food over men, no doubt unless maybe . . . Mr Knightly . . .

    MS in Ogden

  2. Okay, that picture of Dierks is definitely making me drool....

    Also, that cake looks amazing. How do we make it?

    But overall, I think I would choose the eating over the boy.

    First, if I make him fall in love with me, and he gets annoying, can I make him go away, so I can try again?

    Second, I would use my gorgeous body to attract the guy of my dreams, and then my awesome personality to keep him.

    Third, I would feel guiltless as I ate that cake, and three more in the same day.

    Fourth, I would not cringe as I cuddled with my man and he placed his hand on my tummy/hip.

  3. I don't want any guy, I want the right guy. Oh yeah, and since I married him for eternity- bring on the chocolate.

  4. Um, food? Wait, I don't know. Can I make any guy fall in love with me for the rest of my life? Or any guy, like, I pick one and he is the one that falls for me. If the answer is a variety of men, I pick that one.
    If the answer is just one man, pass the plate.

  5. Agreed. I think there are too many men to just have one. You know. That's my slutty side coming out.

  6. haha you are too funny!

    But- because I already have the man I want I'd love to eat with no hesitation! That'd be wonderful.

    Where can I get that delicious looking cake?! YUMMY!


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