Tuesday, June 9

Free Stuff

Because I am a sucker for anything free (within reasonable limits, of course) I have discovered Give Away Today. Sometimes they have great stuff, things that make me thankful that I live in Utah. Like the Seven Peaks Water Park passes. Which is why I am blogging about it. Because I have to if I want to win them. And let me tell you, I want to win them. So check it out. Or not. Because that will increase my chances of winning.

1 comment:

  1. Why would you want a Seven Peaks Water Pass? You don't live here...I'm confused. And if you were getting one for me, thanks for being so thoughtful but I already gots one. Muahahah.
    How are the Files treating you? Don't you just want to be Scully so you can spend all that *cough romantic cough* time with Foxy? I do.


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