Tuesday, June 16

Tulle. Ruffles. Pink. You know the drill.

I love love love this. For those of you who know me, I am very girly. If it was ok to wear something like this, I would. Every day. Yes, I should have been a ballerina. My life would be much more enjoyable.

. The Image is Found


  1. Okay, I am not a girlie girl, but I would LOVE to wear that as well.

    Also, I have also wanted to be a ballerina my entire life, but apparently my legs were too short or something.

  2. Please read the latest about the bikini waxing..http://www.remarksfromsparks.com/

  3. Oh yes. I love it too! Hmmm let's see, paired with simple tank it should be street wearable, right? :-) Guess it would take a little daring...


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