Thursday, November 19

Thankful Thursday

Today I am grateful for the temple. I have been twice this week and both times have been wonderful. Learn more here.

I am also grateful for friends that make me come decorate cookies and watch Glee with them, even when I don't initially want to. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

And I am grateful for {in no particular order}:

my grandmother, for moving in and taking over when my family needed her this past week
heating units that work
cute boots
tie dye
a certain friend that is getting married very soon who talked to me about important stuff
friends in all my classes {seriously, the best semester ever for making friends in class}
meteor showers


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  1. I am well aware that you said your list was “in no particular order” but I am still glad to be at the top! ~TalanaJayne


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