Thursday, November 5


{Q} is hard.
There are only three things that I can think of that begin with {Q}.
So I am A. taking suggestions and 2. combining them all into one post.

Have you ever seen a quail?
I never did in Florida, but here in Utah they are everywhere.
Like I came out one morning at my first apartment complex and they were all over my car.
Like 20 of them, just sitting there.
So cute.
And then they jump off and run in a line in zig zigs and curly cues.
I have seen them all over my current neighborhood and I love it.
Here's to quails.

I really like quilts. They are just awesome.

There is a queen who has a name that looks/sounds kind of like mine.
So sometimes I pretend I am her and that I have servants to pick up all my clothes and make me delicious food.
That sounds good right about now.
It also helps that she is beautiful and adorable and awesome.

P.S. Remember how my name means queen?

Queen Rania of Jordan

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