Wednesday, November 11

Red Carpet

Time for the obligatory Red Carpet anazlyzation of this year's CMA's. And blogger doesn't think that analyzation is a word. But I'm gonna use it anyways.

Ok, my winner of the night was Jennifer Nettles of Sugarland.
Surprise! Like you didn't see that one coming.

Second runner up was Faith Hill.
We haven't seen Faith in awhile, but she sure looks good.
I thought that Kelli Pickler's new red hair was lovely and I enjoyed her look.Honorary mention goes to Hilary of Lady Antebellum. I didn't love her dress, but I thought she looked beautiful.
Carrie Underwood...well, she was in both the best and worst categories of the night, the best being her red carpet and the worst being her Cowboy Casanova dress, which tied with LeeAnn Rimes dress.
Really ladies.
Sparkly hot pants are out.

Here's the Cowboy Casanova, if you missed that whole event that was reminiscent of some MTV awards, not something remotely country.

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