Wednesday, November 25


Ten things you want for Christmas:

1 an ipod dock
2 a cute winter coat (like Taza's maybe)
3 lots of sheet music
4 books
5 college completely paid for
6 the sun to go down around 8:00 instead of 5:00
7 my little brothers to stop growing up
8 Talana to move out here and be my roommate
9 a boyfriend
10 a spaceship

Nine musicians/bands you love:

1 Sugarland
2 She & Him
3 Lady Antebellum
4 Ingrid Michaelson
5 Regina Spektor
6 Lisa Mitchell
7 Miranda Lambert
8 Couer de Pirate
9 Zee Avi

Eight things you do everyday:

1 wake up a half hour before the alarm clock
2 check my email
3 read my Book of Mormon
4 drink 3 liters of water
5 talk to Michee on the phone
6 take a nap
7 read the New York Times
8 listen to lotsa music

Seven things you enjoy:

1 sweets
2 books
3 my family
4 making people/me laugh
5 dressing up
6 swimming in the ocean
7 friendlies

Six things that will always win your heart:

1 laughter
2 silliness/spontaneity
3 getting my car door and other gentlemanly behavior
4 smiles
5 great hair
6 thinking that I'm funny

Five favorites:

1 Candy: anything chocolatey, really.
2 Fast food: urgh, gross.
3 Snack: today it is clementines. yesterday it was cold cereal.
4 Movie: Support Your Local Sheriff
5 Place: home, temple, ocean

Four smells you enjoy:

1 the ocean
2 cucumber/melon baby lotion
3 bakeries
4 fresh rain

Three places you want to go:

2 Europe (don't make me pick a country. I want it all.)
3 South Pacific

Two holidays you love:

1 Christmas
2 Halloween

One person you'd marry on the spot:


  1. I can help with your first #9... ;) (kidding)

    Good countdown list though.

  2. You continually give me good ideas and inspiration. That coat of Taza's is UH-MAZING!! simply gorgeous. the color, the pleats, the buttons, everything about it is awesome.
    and you, that is a whole 'nother story. I can't begin to say how cool you are. really.

  3. OH yeah, I'm all with you on marrying Dierks Bently on the spot. I would be up for that any day of the week! :)

    Best wishes!


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