Friday, November 13

I Love Me

Becca wrote an eye opening post about how we view ourselves.
She challenged us to write a post about things we love about ourselves.
So, at the risk of being annoying...

I've not really had problems with self perception.
I mean, I've never felt beautiful or glamorous, but I have also never looked in the mirror and felt bad what I saw.
But let me clarify that.
I have bad hair days where I look like a lion.
I have sketchy skin a few weeks out of the month.
I get pale in winter time.
I passed size two back when I was twelve.
I forget to shave my legs.
And sometimes I'm too lazy to dye my roots, so those get pretty noticeable.
But none of these things are permanent.
(Well, maybe the curly hair is...)
I am not my broken out skin.
I am not my fuzzy legs.
I am not my long toes.
Or my soft muscles because I refuse to exercise.
I am me.
Not what I see.
And I have never felt bad when I looked and saw me.

5 Things I Love About Me

1. I am pretty funny. Maybe not to you, but I always manage to make myself laugh. At least once a day I wish that someone was around so I could share something funny.

2. I have a pretty decent nose. I mean, I like it.

3. I can make really good pumpkin cookies. So good, in fact, that I can and will eat the whole batch by myself.

4. I have really nice fingernails. I've never had the problem of them not growing or being too short. They're nice and long and thick and shiny. The perfect nails.

5. I'm good at being nice to people. Not just a fake nice, but I really do feel love for the people around me. Even if we aren't really friends. I just think people are important. And I think that being able to recognize the spark of Divinity in others is essential.

So there we have it.
5 things about me.
Some are vain, some are silly, and all are fabulous.

Your turn.
Tell what you love about yourself.


  1. Excellent post. The thought of those pumpkin cookies are making me hungry.

  2. This is a fantastic idea.

    I think I'll take your challenge... just, not at this moment. =)

  3. Reyna, I was so happy to see you take my challenge. Maybe it will spread all over the blogosphere and we will have a bunch of happy, confident women. Thank you so much for sharing. Seriously. You wrote your post wonderfully and I loved your perspective about it. I love you lady!!
    And I think you are gorgeous and funny and sometimes wish I was like 6 years younger so that we could be roommates. and best friends.

  4. Reyna I loved this and will therefore need to steal it. Well done.

    And, for the record, I'm still envious of your luscious locks. :)

  5. I like you too! I love the bathing suit also!


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