Monday, November 23

S: School {BYU vs. Hogwarts}

I am a proud student of Brigham Young University. I love everything about it {except for American Heritage}. I love my major {Public Relations}, the beautiful campus, the amazing people, the fun classes. It is all SO GOOD!

But a small part of me {the part that read all the Harry Potter books and saw the most recent movie} can't help but want to go to Hogwarts. I just want to be magical. Can someone please make that happen? And give me an accent while you're at it? And a broom. And a pet owl. I could go one and on. I mean, really. I wouldn't mind the snow if it was like this.

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  1. I concur. I wonder what kind of sweet job you could get with a degree (or o.w.l.) from Hogwarts? Also, I just want to hang out at The Three Broomsticks and drink butterbeer.


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