Saturday, November 7

Order and Toilet Paper

Since I need some sort of order in my hectic life, I think I'm going to start with my blog.
So... Mondays are going to be A-Z and Thursdays in the month of November are going to be Thankful. That's the plan.

Also, remember how I'm kind of a nanny?
Well, let me tell you about Baby's new favorite food: toilet paper, dipped in the toilet and chewed on until I come and make him spit it out.
Disgusting, but he runs into the bathroom every time someone leaves the door open.
I have found him on more than one occasion dipping wads of paper into the toilet and then putting them in his mouth.
I am gagging just thinking about it.
I don't know why things like that appeal to one year old little boys.


  1. It's time like these that I'm glad I didn't listen to Toys R Us or Peter Pan and I decided to grow up.


  2. Grody. This makes me wanna dance around and be all like "ick! ick! ick!"


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