Monday, August 3

Wedding Invites

Yes, I know it is too early to be thinking of such things. Yes, I know that I haven't been on a date in over a year. This means nothing to me. Blame Etsy if you are really desperate. They sent me the email, ya know.
My reasoning is, that when the right man finally comes along, I won't have to have a 10 year engagement to prepare for a wedding. I have everything. 6 weeks and I am done. Ok, it will probably be like 3 mos. but you get the idea. Anyhoo, I just noticed that those invitations are kind of girlie for a Brian and Mark. Are those common last names? Weird.

And while we're on the topic of marriage, I had a kind of interesting conversation yesterday...
Somehow I was talking about cute babies with some friends (surprise!) and I mentioned that I am in love love love with babies. They are just so cute! I said something about wanting to have a baby in the next 5 years. Is that ok? Apparently not. Someone thought there was something wrong with me for wanting to get started on a family soon. For the record, 25 is not old. Not at all. And yes, I do have life plans. I've never made a secret of the fact that basically, I'm on my way to Australia. I want to finish school. 2 years. I want to go to Australia. 1-2 years. I want to meet a man somewhere in there and get married and have a family. 1-2 years. This evens out to about 5 years. I am so grateful for the examples of Emily and Becca and Nienie and C. Jane and women like them who are unafraid to fall in love and have families and babies, some of who have done it all before the age of 25. Because I am not ashamed that I want a family. A big one. And that I want to fall in love with an incredible man and get married.

And there is nothing wrong with that.



  1. First of all, I don't think Brian and Mark are the last names.
    Second, no there is nothing wrong with you wanting a family. I want kids too, I"m just trying to figure out how to get them without having to put up with a man.

  2. Of course there's nothing wrong with that! And it'll be every bit as wonderful as it is in dreams! Australians are hot..............


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