Monday, August 17

Vampires and Fuzzy Things

Miss Mary called us today. Apparently there was a hamster on her house and she wanted us to confirm this/get it off. So Momma and I go over. And it looks like a hamster, way up there. And it wasn't a hamster. It was a bat. See? I love bats. They are cute.


  1. When I lived in Logan, I had a bat that lived on my front porch. They say they'll eat the mosquitoes. I hope he did, else he was a slacker! I thought they were a little cute too, until my vetrinarian cousin told me the horror stories of what bats can do to you /give you. I can't like them as much now. But watching them fly around at twilitght is interesting. One time, when we were at Tony Grove we went out on the lake at night, and bats . . . wait is this my blog . . . no . . . um, nevermind . . .

  2. I've only had a bat encounter once in my life. (Expect, with Batman, of course. We hang out all the time.)
    I was in Malad, Idaho when the bat flew out of no-where (it was nighttime, of course, so I didn't see it coming) and the thing about ate my face.

    ...That's a little bit of an exaggeration.

    More like it flew close to my head and it was unexpected.

    (I seem to have also forgotten that I'm writing in the 'comment' area and not in the 'blog' area. Perhaps bats are just one of those things that require discussion whenever they're mentioned.)

  3. One time in preschool, a bat got stuck in the fence, the teachers caught it, then stuck it in the freezer. It died, and I was sad.

    oh, and DARN YOU (I did it again, but this time I left a comment).


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