Sunday, August 16

Oh silly, you won't be going anywhere without us.

I have been dancing a lot lately. Fun dancing. Really silly and obnoxious and embarrassing dancing. And then my brothers keep singing a song about a Weekee Wachee Washer Woman who is washing her clothes and picking her nose and doing that sort of thing. So I dance. And, apparently, my dancing isn't appreciated. Because Samuel announced that he hopes his wife doesn't dance and sing as weird as I do.

Just wait, Little Brother. Your wifey will be just as obnoxious. Or else she simply won't fit into this crazy family. You know, the one with the singing shark. And the Spongebob and Hannah Montana marathons. The ones that have picnics on the living room floor and sleepovers in the family room. The ones that crawl into mom and dad's bed late at night. And the ones who are constantly, constantly talking.

You silly goose.

Here are some pictures from our last beach trip.
Sorry, Tiff. I couldn't help but share just one.


  1. These pictures are all things that are good.

    I actually met the singing shark for the first time the other day. I was enchanted, of course.

  2. Hey Reyna,

    Looks like you're having a great summer too. Are you still workin' at the Mariposa?

    You know, we don't have to resort to serendipity to see each other in the fall. Those things can be arranged you know. :)

    And thanks for following my blog!


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