Thursday, August 20

Road Trip: Days One and Two

Number of

miles driven: 667

skunk smells: 7 {mostly in Tennessee. Of course.}

skunk stories shared: 8

relatives seen: 6

pictures taken: at least 50

hours spent on the back porch: 5

fruit snacks eaten: 7

fruit snacks that I sang to: 3

weird looks that I got from Dennis: 124,503,490,368

romantic stories told: 1

incredible pictures found of my dad when he was my age: 1

video chats with Kenzie: 1

phone calls to/from Momma: 11

times we listened to the {500} Days of Summer soundtrack: 3

stops for gas: 2

stops for the bathroom: 3

wrong turns: 1


  1. I *love* fruit snacks. I've never tried singing to them, do you recommend it?

  2. I only recommend singing to them if you get the Cinderella head 3 times in a row. Actually, if they are the princess ones, then they require singing.

  3. YES!!! UPDATES!!!

    I also like these stats.

    The Dennis one made me laugh out loud.

  4. I want to see that picture of your dad.


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