Saturday, August 8

Super Powers

I was talking with my brother about super powers and which ones we would choose. Matthew chose Super Strength. Which makes sense, because he likes to work out and stuff. Dad chose flying. It took me a minute to think of mine and another minute was wasted mocking Spiderman (because if I could pick a super power, it would most definitely be spider webs that shoot out of my wrists... Right.) But I finally settled on Super Speed. Flying came very close to winning, but because the only benefit would be the awesome factor of being able to fly (and because I have complete faith is a team of scientists out there somewhere that are inventing a pocket sized flying machine for me to use), I chose Super Speed.Oh Clark Kent, you sexy beast.


~I could go to BYU and still work/live anywhere I wanted. Friends and family are no longer missed.

~Wake up at 7:50 am be ready and at class by 8:00 am. No more getting cold waiting for the bus.

~No more car problems. I would save on gas and insurance.

~Skip the traffic jam of sudents that emerge between classes.


~Impact with a bug could kill me.

And that is the only bad thing I could come up with.

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  1. Con: what about having to do your hair again once you get somewhere because the superspeed messed it up. Don't try to pretend that's not going to be a problem.


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