Wednesday, August 5

Annie Leibovitz

Have I ever told you that I think Annie Leibovitz is a genius? I can't help it. I've been pouring over her images for the good part of an hour. Curse you inspired artists!!!

Some of her incredible achievements include the following

Romeo and Juliet with Coco Rocha as Juliet and Roberto Bolle as Romeo. The full story is in the December 2008 issue of Vogue. (I found it here)

Her Vogue shoot with Drew Barrymore as Beauty & the Beast (found here)

Natalia Vodianova as Alice in Wonderland (found here)

This fascinating shoot titles Killers Kill, Dead Men Die that includes all the famous people you can think of (full article here)

And of course, the Disney shoot that includes everyone else. Here are my absolute favorites from that one (available here)
(Ok so the last one is technically not Disney... I still love it!)

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