Monday, August 3

Missing Home

I know that I only have about 2 weeks left at home. And this is a little hard to deal with. For while I'm ready to head back to Provo, to head back to school, I am going to miss my family so much. Every summer I am amazed that I made it a whole 9 months without them.

Some things I am going to miss:

1.The soft sound of Matthew playing the guitar coming from the boy's room late at night

2. Dad's shark singing silly songs

3.The fruit all over the table

4. The million spices in the freezer

5. Tavi knocking on my door until I open it

6. Mom falling asleep on the couch every night

7. Going to the library with Samuel to sit and read

8. The pile of shoes by the front door

9. Getting Dennis and Matthew's voices confused late at night

10. The boys playing the piano

11. The SpongeBob marathons

12. Mom playing Donny Osomnd and Jay & the Americans very loudly and dancing to it

13. Driving to church

14. Samuel's explanations of how cars, knives, planes, etc. work

15. Family prayer

16. Reading scriptures after dinner

17. The pile of blankets in the family room

18. The piles of books everywhere

19. The high, squeaky, cutesy voices used to speak to little animals

20. Mom and dad insisting to sit next to each other, no matter where we are and no matter who it inconveniences


  1. Ah. I want to give everyone of them a hug!!! I MISS YOU GUYS!!! (or as you say in the south I MISS YA'LL!!) Come see me . . . no, I'm homeless . . . I'll come see you.

    # 20. sweet, but I have to say, I'm sick and tired of having to be the one always inconvenienced because I'm the single one. Oh, can't sit there, because there are TWO empty chairs - they must be left for a couple. Can't sit there, not enough room in case a COUPLE come. SINGLE STATUS SHOULD NOT DETERMINE WHERE I CAN SIT! Listen, next time the single girl gets there (especially when she is the one ON TIME!), the married couple have to split up and take what is left. If there is a chair, I'm sitting in it - couples be darned. As if your lungs stop working because you can't sit next to each other. Puhleez. Have you forgotten how much time you have to be together - a good 60 years if civil and an ETERNITY if otherwise. So during eternity you can sit next to each other - but come early, else you might have to take whatever single seats are left, I'll be occupying whatever seat I want!! I'm not bitter . . . much.

  2. Mindy in Ogden without the WalkersAugust 3, 2009 at 11:55 PM

    Did I mention I miss your family. I miss them. I need some of your dad's wisdom, good talking and hugs made of words. I need your moms food, organic and homemade and yummy. I need the wall of books, I need your smile, I need Dennis trying to entertain us, I need Matthew as Calvin and Samuel as the 2 year old falling asleep in his high chair at dinner time. I can't ever have these again can I? I need them.


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