Wednesday, March 2

Overheard at BYU

I love my school.
But sometimes I hear funny things as I pass people on campus.

1. Random girl on telephone: "...she was feeding her boogers to my dog..."

2. Girl talking to friend: "Oh, I love tramp stamps! If I got a tramp stamp, it would be of a pair of angry eyes. Like Mr. Potato Head's angry eyes!"

3. Professor talking to class by some trees: "Just look at this one! You should all make time this week to come climb this tree."


  1. this made me laugh. i'm not gonna lie- i love the idea of mr. potato head's angry eyes as a tramp stamp... genius! haha :)

  2. I like the professor! I would have been the first in his class to climb that tree.
    xxoo, Mom


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