Tuesday, March 15

Slim and a little bit foxy.

Guess what?

Australia fell through.
I'm not going this summer.
Which is fine.
I have plenty of opportunities to go to Australia.

So, I've decided to do something else.
Namely, London.

It all started with David Tennant.

He decided to star with Catherine Tate in a production of Much Ado About Nothing this summer in the Wyndhams Theatre.
In London.

What, with his credentials and great hair?
{He's been Barty Crouch Jr., Doctor Who, Hamlet, Casanova...}
How could I resist an opportunity to go to London?

So Michelle and I bought tickets.
It was a spur of the moment decision.
And it has made this an incredible week.

I am dancing around at least once an hour, thinking about this wonderful opportunity.
We have found great flights and a place to stay.
So we're going to drive to Florida in August and fly out from there.

Awesome, huh?

You can be jealous now.

Also, here is a funny picture that makes me laugh.
I do not expect more than 3 people to get it/laugh and think it is funny.
I do expect my mother to get mad at me for swearing.
But I'm not swearing, Dumbledore is.
I just think it's funny.
Skip it if bad language offends you.


  1. london??? no way! lucky duck! that is so exciting!! good for you!

  2. You realize that Melissa and I are going to have to go with you. It seems ridiculous that you didn't think of us before you bought tickets. We will all have a swell time.

  3. Oh, and that first picture of David looks a lot like Charlie Sheen so I'm no so sure I adore him.

  4. You are very correct. Your mom is not at all thrilled. You could have done some editing and left out a few letters--like this:"s***." Then you could make your point and your mother happy at the same time. AND I'm really not happy about the fact that I think it is very funny any way. . . . xxoo,Mom

  5. Yeah, basically that is amazing. First off, I love Much Ado About Nothing. Second off, I love London. I gave Russ a list of places/ideas for our 10 yr. anniversary and London was one of them. I want to go and see Wicked and Les Miserable and any other awesome show in London.
    Anyhow, I am happy you are going. You will have a great time!

  6. I sure I was going with you! darn the economy! I hope you have a fabulous time and bring home lots of pictures....oh and I thought that was so funny!


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