Thursday, March 31

The Green-Eyed Monster

Last night I saw my favorite Jane Austen novel, Persuasion, on stage.
It was quite good!
(And it made me super excited for this!)

But I found myself getting a little bit jealous.
You see, the girl who played Louisa?
I knew her.
No, I went to Late Summer Honors with her our freshman year.
And there she was, on the stage.

And it hit me.

I want to be an actress!
I love the stage!
This is so unfair!
How is she there and I am not?

Thank goodness for Lady Smaggle and her guest post on my favorite blog, Yes and Yes.


If I really wanted to be on the stage, then I would be working towards it.
And if sometime in the future I change my mind and decide that I do want to work in theatre, then maybe I'll actually make some goals and work towards them.

For now, I shall enjoy everyone else's hard work and sit in my plush chair and be entertained by the thousands of hours they've spent in dress rehearsals.
You are welcome to join me.

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