Friday, February 18

Things I've Learned from Living with Stangers

College brings some interesting stuff.
One of the most fascinating things to me is how we move in and share rooms/houses with complete strangers.
There are a few things that I've learned over the past 3 years.
Things that I now can't believe I never knew.
Here is my ultimate list.

1. Always bring your key when you step outside.
Even if you are just taking out the trash, odds are you'll get locked out, someone will pretend deafness, and you will wind up sleeping on your friend's couch.

2. The best way to get rid of your roomie's boyfriend that is glued to the couch is to walk out in your underwear.
Your roommate will not bring him back for a while.

3. No one will ever clean the bathroom or buy toilet paper.
So invest in a Costco sized amount of tp and 409 and swish and wipe each morning.

4. Four roommates with long dark hair = white carpet looking brown.
Invest in a good vacuum cleaner and/or make sure to live with someone obsessed with vacuuming.

5. If you decide you like a boy, odds are that your roommate is going to start liking him too.
Date people she doesn't know.

6. Most girls only like chick flicks.
So they are not going to respect your Star Wars/X-Files/Doctor Who marathons.

7. Your cold is someone else's hot and vice versa.
You could fight over the thermostat, but it is better to invest in a small heater or sleep with your window open.

8. Edit what you say if you don't want it to wind up on the quote board where everyone can see.
I am still trying to figure out why people are shocked when I'm naked and in love with gay men.
{Curse Johnny Weir's loveliness!}

9. Sleep is for losers without a social life.
Actually, I am the only person who goes to bed before midnight most nights.
So making smoothies for 6:00 am breakfast is not an option.

10. If you make a treat and do not offer some to your flatmates, you are a selfish b--.
Not my words.
Doesn't matter if you made it for an upcoming activity or a boy that you like.
Treats are property of anyone who resides in the house.

11. You can learn to hate someone you once loved based on their pathetic music tastes.
Rap and Emo should not be played so loud.

12. Some people hate animals.
So don't buy a pet snake without consulting the people you live with.

13. Spiders are a life and death situation.
Never take your eye off them until they are dead.

14. Some people can survive on the strangest food.
I had one roommate that I never saw eat anything besides ramen noodles, scrambled eggs, and mountain dew.
Another never ate at all.
And yet another was obsessed with potatoes.

15. Nothing is better than movies in blanket forts.
Musn't forget the blanket forts.

16. Sharing a room is wonderful.
Conversations at 2:00 am with the person in the bed across from you are fabulous.

17. Showers are better with loud music playing on the ihome.
Preferably country.

18. Costco water bottles are the only thing worth drinking.
Way better than Smart Water.

19. Finals week is fun week.
Pull all-nighters, eat tons of sweets, and watch massive amounts of silly television.

20. Brownies are the foundation of the food pyramid.
Never be without them on the counter.

21. When you wreck your car, they will come.
Regardless of recently removed wisdom teeth and the flu.
That is what friends do.

22. Pictures are awesome.
Document all fun events.
Specially road trips.

23. Scary things can be fun.
The Boomerang at 7 Peaks.

24. Games are fun!
But always have the strongest person on your team.
{I am very weak...}

25. Laundry need not be done every week.
If you plan it right
{and have enough clothes}
you can go all semester with only doing laundry once.
{Also in that picture, a pumpkin that sat by my bed for months. Pumpkins don't go bad.}

What is on your list of things that you have learned from living with roommates?

My first set of roommates (and one extra...who is that girl in the tie?)


  1. Awwww!! Yay! First set of roommates. ; ) Love it! And yes I stalk your blog.

  2. Reyna! I love this.
    Funny how little of this applies to living with boys (which come with entirely different although smaller list of problems).

    Comments on a few of them.
    5. Another reason that guys often avoid girls in the ward.
    6. That makes you more of a catch for so many guys out there.
    10. Make the treat at the boys house! His roommates will never insist on stealing them.
    14. Marry someone who eats like you do.
    25. Ha, that picture is great. As a guy though, I am scared of girls that have mountains of clothing.

  3. Never vacuum under around your roomies bird cage when she is around. She will never vacuum the food/feathers but will think the bird will die of the loud noise. Birds in the wild always die around airports and such. Luckily I haven't had to live with people I did not choose (or make) for a long time.

  4. why is it that no one ever wants to clean the bathroom or buy the toilet paper? crazy things. this sorta made me miss my days with roomates... but then i still feel like i can relate to a lot of these with my family! haha :)

    oh and i checked out luminosity- great site! thanks for the idea!

  5. Actually, pumpkins DO go bad.

    Roommates are really annoying. (Unless you happen to have lived with one 3 times before you decide to be roommates and find that she is a not horrible or annoying but is really funny.)

  6. So true. I have also found that some people must be threatened into cleaning up their own messes.... one must learn to be firm in the defense of cleanliness.


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