Sunday, October 26

Vagabonding It

I usually have two or three things going at a time that really interest me. Not quite obsessions, but I find out everything I can about them and spend all my spare time thinking about them. And sometimes, I even think about them when I should be focused on something else (in class, for instance). You already know that one of my current interests is William Shakespeare, so now I shall tell you about the other.

Surfing is pretty much the coolest thing ever. I love the ocean, and waves have always been a special interest of mine. The power and beauty behind them is mesmerizing and magnificent. To run around the world in chase of the perfect wave has become a dream of mine that I want to pursue one day. Can you imagine going some place like this?

And riding this?

One day I shall. But for now, I get my monthly Surfer magazine, and pretend that I am there with Kelly Slater, only I am the World Champion this time.

My top picks:

#1 Taj Burrow (the beautiful, beautiful man...)

#2 Andy Irons (this one looks almost pretend, huh?)

#3 Kelly Slater, of course. He has to be in the top three.

#4 Mick Fanning

#5 John John Florence (mainly because he's such a cute kiddie)

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