Monday, October 27

Dumb Boys in the Testing Center

Some people need to just Mind Their Own Business.
I just can't handle it when people take it as their personal responsibility to condemn the rest of us for not wearing skirts down to our ankles. Sorry, but right now is a complaint session. Stop right here if this bothers you.

Today I wore a cute outfit to school: a long-sleeved white tee under a cute yellow summer dress with tall brown boots. The dress came down to my knees, so it was Strength of Youth appropriate, and I got at least 4 compliments on my outfit. Made me feel pretty good. It never once crossed my mind that I could possibly be immodest. So I took my Biology test in the testing center, met up with some friends for lunch, and headed to a mini testing lab in the basement of the Joseph Fielding Smith Building (which happens to be my favorite on campus, I spend all my free time on these beautiful balconies...)to take my Humanities exam on Musical Drama and Opera.

I got into the center, the girl at the desk swiped my id, and I walked over to the amazing apple computers to begin my test. Then, this guy gets up from his test, walks over to the desk, and tells the girl that I am not modest enough to be taking a test at BYU and she needs to ask me to leave. I'm sorry, what? I'm not what? Hang on there buddy. But she asked me to leave, and being me, the last thing I was gonna do is pitch a fit. My face was already red, and I wanted to cry, and I had no desire to draw anymore attention to myself. So I got my bag, walked to my Biology class to await my friend Davey, so I could rant at him and have him assure me that I am in no way dressed bad enough to be kicked out of a BYU testing center.

So right now, the question I am asking myself is why? Why does a random guy get up and ruin my day like that? Was he trying to prove something? Is he one of those guys who is so super hardcore letter of the law? Or, like Davey thinks, did he just think I was hot and my legs were causing him to fail his test? Whatever it was, I don't appreciate it. And, if it was the last thing, Keep your eyes to yourself, Mister.

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