Saturday, October 25

Cleaning Checks

Today was my first cleaning check at my apartment this semester that I was actually around for. Roman Gardens (my apartment complex) is not the greatest. Actually, that is me being super nice. The bathrooms are pretty gross.

But each month they have some lady come by and make sure that we aren't total slobs. So they send out a little check list with jobs for each person to do. I got to do the oven, microwave, and stove, along with my room and a general pick up. It didn't take me that long, and the oven was super clean compared to the one in my apartment last semester. The microwave is ancient though. I think that it was here when my mom lived here 30 years ago. Just a thought.
So I was really nervous about the cleaning checks, because the lady at my last apartment complex was brutal. She was convinced that the worn out bottom of the tub was mold and I scrubbed it for an hour once. After that I told her that she could try scrubbing it to prove me wrong. She never bothered us about the bathtub again. And then there was the time that Dawna failed her check because she didn't scrape the ancient stains off the bottom of the oven with a razor blade. Can you understand why I was nervous?
So I was about to walk out the door and this lady walks in with a cell phone attached to her ear. She pokes her head in each bathroom and bedroom, signs the passing paper, and walks out. 2 minutes tops. I was impressed.

Some pretty flowers that my roommate's fiance brought her.

Dawna's side of the room is more decorated than mineBut that's ok. I don't mind. Really, I don't.

See how tiny our kitchen is? We don't really have drawers.

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  1. Hi. I'm leaving a comment. I expect the favor to be returned. Those flowers were not from Sam to Miley, they were from a boy to me. Is that so impossible to believe?! You whore.


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