Wednesday, February 29

your own little bubble

How big is your personal bubble?

Mine is secretly quite large, but I'm always afraid that I'm imposing on the people around me if I hug attack them or sit real close.

You see, I grew up in a family where it was hugs and kisses all the time.
All. The. Time.
I know that even though I am in college, if I am home and have a bad dream, I can go crawl in bed next to my mom.
And my dad will grumble and roll over to make room.
But my mom will scoot even closer to me.
And I better hug and kiss my parents good-bye before heading to the grocery store.
Ya know, in case something happens.
And everybody touches everybody all the time.
Sometimes in a funny, gotcha! way.
Sometimes just a loving pat as you're walking by.
But nobody has a chance for a bubble.
Cause, darn it, we all want to sit on the couch and we can all fit if we squeeze and sit on top of each other.

But then I went to college.
And realized that not everyone is that way.
Some of my friends do not want to be touched.
Some are in between.
And some don't mind if you want to snuggle.

What's your bubble like?
Do you sit close to someone, even if there is room on the other side of the couch?
Do you give hugs every time you see a friend?
Kisses on the cheek?
And why are you like this?
What's your family like?

I'm just curious.


  1. oh my family was the same way! made me giggle imaging crawling into bed cuddling up to my mom and my dad grumbling and scooting over to make room! :) i'm a very touchy feely person!

  2. My family is much more like yours. Hugs, kisses, cuddles, tickling, massages, wrestling, etc. I just try to gauge how a person's bubble is, but I am more a of a touchy person. Hugs for everyone. Kisses for some.

  3. Yep, that's us. And the picture is soooooo hilarious and sooooooo us! Nothing like a good alligator kiss to make your day!

    I just discovered that you are blogging again. I'm so glad. I guess you forgot to tell me. But that is perfect, because I still feel crummy and needed a pick-me-up today. I lurve that my little nest of nerdlings have all turned out to be such great writers...

    I love you. xxoo
    love, Mom


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