Friday, February 24

the prettiest thing on earth

I am obsessed with the human body.
I think it is so beautiful.

Remember how our bodies can do so much?

My roommate just signed up for a marathon.
Can you believe that the human body can run 26 miles in one day?

Have you ever been to an opera?
That the human body can produce a sound so glorious is triumphant.

I can watch videos of ballet on youtube for hours.
I can't believe the control that it requires.

Every time I hold a little baby I am mesmerized.
How can something so tiny be so perfectly formed?
And have the capability to grow into me?

I think that I need to take better care of my own body.


1. Follow the food pyramid
2. At least a half hour of exercise each day

Also, freckles.
I want them.
Curse my skintone.

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  1. Just wait until you get married and become pregnant. Pregnancy is amazing and birth is tremendous!! I am looking forward to my homebirth in a few weeks!


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