Friday, February 24

Oh welcome back

I realized that I don't really blog anymore.
Once upon a time, this little ol' thing was getting over 2,000 hits a week.
No, that isn't the same person who has a secret crush on me.
That 2,000 different people.
(Thank you, Google analytics, for helping me brag.)

But then I discovered Tumblr and Pinterest and boys and work and school.
And those other websites just made it easier to save all the things I liked without having to work.
And my biggest fault is laziness.
(Trying to kick that. Starting small. Don't hate if you aren't seeing results. The fact that I have showered/taken a bath every day for the past month is HUGE.)

So since most of you dear readers are people who actually know me, maybe I shall turn into one of those boring blogs that only updates you on my life.

Or maybe I will return to enjoying writing for writing's sake.
And posting things that I think are so wonderful that I can't help but share.
That one.

Goal: Post once a day for 30 days.
That should get me back in the habit, right?
And since I actually enjoy it, it should be easy shmeazy.

Here we go.

pretty picture courtesy of My Tumblr.
you can go there if you like looking at pretty things or if you like thought provoking quotes.

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  1. Oh, I am so glad!! 30 posts to look forward too!


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