Thursday, March 1

the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

la dee da
here I am, minding my own business.
being happy.
working hard.
living away.
in spite of.

then came Sunday.

it's funny what cracks us open sometimes.
in this case, it was something good.
that reminded me of something bad.
enter self-doubt.

sirens were going off in my head,
"wee-ooo wee-ooo look out look out! danger up ahead!"
but would I listen to them?

you know what I'm talking about.
one thing goes wrong,
everything goes wrong.


6 big things.
(what are they? none of your beeswax.)
I shouldn't have to deal with one of those on my own, let alone 6 of those nasty little buggers.
so how do you cope?

enter tender mercies.
(these I will label.)

1. Becca.
sweetest lady lets me email her and tell her everything. she doesn't tell me to cowboy up, she doesn't get annoyed that I spill my guts to her. no. she likes it. likes it. gives me advice. tells me her stuff. then asks for more. lucky lucky me.

2. mom.
tells me awesome stories about crazy family members and gives me inspiration to get writing. and then tells me she loves me.

3. Tiffani.
always with the Tiffani. forever and ever. understanding, wise, kind. everything I need. picks me up and says the exact thing I need to hear at that moment.

4. my roommates' hometeacher.
who left the Ensign cause we didn't have one. changed my Monday afternoon.

5. Parker.
who let's me enter the prison cell and will in fact join me in the corner on the cold hard cement. introduces me to panda express. picks me up from the testing center on the cold dark night and takes me to mcdonalds.

6. music.
specifically, first aid kit, miranda lambert, the pistol annies, sara barielles, he is we, and the civil wars. ya know, for when I don't have the words but the words still need to be said.

Anyways, I guess I just feel a lot like that statue.
A whole lotta cracks.

Sometimes life just leaves us with a lot of cracks.
But that is how the light can shine through.


  1. Good! I don't deal well with bad things happening to myself, but when they happen to others it's so easy to say THINGS WILL GET BETTER. Also, eat your feelings and shop away :)

  2. Oh wow. I just read this post! Warmed my heart. Not because of your terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week, but because of the tender mercies you listed. You are awesome and I KNOW things will work out!
    Sending love and hugs from Idaho!


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