Tuesday, July 6

The World Cup

So some people are, like, annoyed with me for not blogging.
Which is flattering.
So here we go again.

You know how I hate sports?
Well, I do.
I think they're silly.
And boring.
But then I met the World Cup.
I mean, I resisted for a good chunk of time.
But last week I was bored and missing all the obsessed people I hang out with in my dear Provo, and BAM! It hit me. Portugal vs. Spain.
Those men are hot.
I think that's actually what it is.
Not soccer.
Just the hot men running around.
Super enjoyable.
Try it sometime.

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  1. Yes, Reyna!!! I'm so proud of you. I have to say that Spain has a few lookers. Xabi Alonso being one of them. ¡Viva España!


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