Monday, July 12

A Piece of the Past

Today I found a time capsule that I made when I was in high school.
You know, the little film cans that you put a piece of paper in that you've folded up super tiny.
I'm guessing I made it in seminary {more about that here} and, by the handwriting, I was probably about 14 or 15.
It only had two things on it.

1. Be more outgoing
I've socked that one right out of the water.
I think that living on my own and having to choose to be friendly or be lonely has made me a bit more outgoing.

2. Grow closer to my Savior
I don't usually wax religious on here, but I find it interesting that as a young teenager, I was interested in building a relationship with my Savior.

Isn't time a funny thing?
I'm a completely different person than I was even 3 years ago.
I was just talking to my dad about how different I am from when I was 18.
I don't even recognize myself.
It was fun to see how I felt about myself at age 14 by reading just a little slip of paper.
I'm going to do it again.

Why don't you make a time capsule?
Write down what you want to be in 5 years? Or ten?


  1. That's a really cool thought. I am eighteen (just graduated high school)and have been thinking a lot about how much I've changed since I was fourteen and how much more i want to grow. I think my time capsul peice of paper would have said just about those very two same things!! Keep growing!! Thanks for the thoughful post :)

  2. hey, give your parents a hug for me. Please. And I'll do a time capsule as long as it is not part of my Plan Z.


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