Sunday, July 11

That Imaginary Person In Your Head

Today I was talking to myself.
Not that this is unusual.
But today I realized something:
I call myself Sister.

I looked in the mirror and said, "No red lipstick with this skirt, Sister."

I think it comes from my parents, who call me Sister
{it works because I'm the only girl.}

Do you talk to yourself?
Do you call yourself by your name?
I'm curious as to whether or not I'm the only crazy one out there.


  1. Mmmmm yeah sometimes I definitely talk to myself, but it's funny you call yourself "Sister" older sister calls her daughter "sister" all the time.

  2. Yes, I don't know anybody who doesn't...
    But I also talk in 3rd person all the time! So I don't know if this was caused because of talking to myself too much but I really do not mind!
    But apparently it bugs a lot of other people!
    Awe, well!
    Talana will continue to be Talana!

  3. I do talk to myself from time to time. I don't usually use a name but if I did I would probably just use my regular nick-name. I think of myself as Joey.

  4. I call myself "Sparky". I realized that this morning when I looked in the mirror as I was slowly getting ready and said to myself, "Hurry up Sparky".

  5. I talk to myself constantly. When using an actual name, it's always my last name I use.
    So yes, you are crazy. JK!

  6. I think that if I have ever talked to myself, I have referred to myself as "Becca." Just my name.

  7. Haha...Kevin calls me sister all the time. Sometimes, strangers overhear and say, "Oh, you guys are siblings? I see the resemblance." I don't always correct them.


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