Sunday, July 25

Becoming Better

As an owner of massive amounts of long, dark hairs, I found this post very funny.
I've lived with many roommates and I've battled the hair thing.
This past year, all of us had long hair, and 3 of the 4 had darker hair.
The bathroom counter gets pretty gross.
I feel so bad for those who've had to put up with it the most
(Heather, Dawna, and Brothers, I know it was you. I'm so so sorry.)
and I vow to do better.

No more hair on the bathroom counter.
No more sticking my hair on the shower wall.
No more clogged drains.
No more white carpet with a fine layer of brown because the vacuum isn't working.

I've learned how to clean out the drain.
I'm turning over a new leaf.

Except for when we're driving with the windows down and it flies at your face, Dennis.
That's not my fault.


  1. reyna, come back.
    are you staying in the ward for fall, etc?
    p.s. that she & him song you posted the video for somewhere the other day is now one of my most favorite songs.

  2. Amen. Nothing grosser than hair. Everywhere.

  3. ...then don't sit in front of me in the car...


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