Friday, July 16

Walk, Walk, Fashion Baby

I have this funny little walk.
It's kind of like a duck.

And Momma noticed of course.
She used to do a little modeling, back in the day.
She told me what to do and how to fix it.

So I was working at the restaurant the other night and practicing how I walk.
One foot in front of the other.
Barely sway the hips.
Shoulders back.
Work it.

I went to ask some ladies how they were doing and one of them said,
"Girl, you have a mean walk. And I should know."
Turns out, she used to be a model and currently trains them for the run way.

Mission accomplished, Mom!
Now I can go back to walking like a duck.

Then, Anggie and I did prego Tiff walking impressions.
Maybe I'll start walking that way.
{aka waddling}
It's fun!


  1. <3 haha I waddled today and I thought of YOU!

  2. puh! Your mom never taught me how to model walk. I feel cheated.

  3. Reyna, can you teach me how to walk like a model?

    Love you tons, and your duck-waddle-walk


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