Friday, May 28

My Space

Wanted: The man who lives in this room. He looks awfully amazing.

I feel like the best way you could ever possibly get to know me is by coming up to my room. Everything hanging on the walls, stacked on the bookshelf, and dancing in the closet screams more about who I am than an hour alone with me ever could. Isn't that fascinating?
Because of this, not very many people have been in my current bedroom. It's all me. And that's kind of scary. So if you've actually been in my room (and you don't live with me) then you should feel very special. Because you're one of very few. I mean, a couple people have slipped by, but for the most part, my space is pretty VIP.


  1. That's a guy's room??? I need to meet this man.

  2. Yahoo!!!
    I have not only been in it, I have stayed their without you!

    What a fun getting to know you game we played...
    I win!

  3. I am one of the select few, and Reyna, it was an honor! It says a lot about who you are--and it's all good things!


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