Sunday, May 23

I'm Not That Girl

You know, the one who is always perfectly accessorized. I am not a girl who wears a lot of jewelry. I have my CTR ring, my sailboat toe ring (thanks, Talana!), and sometimes a little pair of gold earrings. Anything other than that rarely happens.


If I were to wear any other jewelry, these would be on my list.

A Tiffany's ring

Some stuff from Anthropologie

And this ring, only with my own constellation (which is Cancer, in case you were wondering) instead of Gemini. (source)Oh and here's a picture of my CTR ring, in case you were wondering. It's absolutely lovely and I adore it. (source)


  1. I'm a Gemini; I'll take that freaking awesome constellation ring!! :D

    And just now I got the intense desire to read horoscopes with you and laugh a lot. Let's do that when we see each other next.

    lots of love!!

  2. I am so happy that I can help you!
    And destroy your toe forever, it will not be good when you're prego and your feet swell!
    Ha ha.

    Also, please wear more jewelry, it is too fun to miss out on!


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