Monday, May 24


I don't have the fondest memories of prom. I mean, I was homeschooled. So maybe I'm bitter towards the whole thing. But I went with a friend. Maybe 2 years in a row? I don't remember.

The point is, I don't love the idea of prom. And I hate those dresses. I bring this up because the above picture was on my Facebook home page today. Hopefully 7 of the girls in the picture will have no idea that I think their dresses are hideous. Ok, maybe 7 is a little harsh. I know the girl in the middle in green. I think her dress is lovely. I also think the girl on the end in the aqua color is decently clothed.

But the orange? Really? And the weird color 4th from the right? Prom dresses are already silly and not so classy. What were their parents thinking, letting them walk out looking like 35 year old playboy bunnies? Ok, done ranting.

Keep it classy. Aka don't let your daughters out of the house dressed like that.


  1. bReyna, the orange and black/white one? DISGUSTING. I thought that when your blog first popped up and I hadn't yet read what you wrote.
    Also, I think the white one is pretty but shouldn't be worn to a prom as much as a wedding.

  2. A to the MEN sister!! I 100% agree with you! Well, almost. I am a strong believer in sleeves and no cleavage, etc. Prom dressed today are sooooo unflattering and not to mention, horribly inappropriate! Russ and I are worried what it will be like in a few more years!

  3. Try watching the Miss USA pageant...there were maybe three dresses out of the whole 51 represented (DC is also rep'd) that I could look upon without disgust.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh, and btw we have been somewhat considering homeschooling. Still a way off, but be interested in your thoughts in the future....

  5. I can't see how you think the girl in the aqua is decently clothes.

  6. And can I say higher fronts, and where are the sleeves?


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