Friday, May 21

Some Notes

Dear Frohike,
Isn't it funny?
I don't know how I made it to 19 without you.
Fanks for being there when I'm whiny.
And when I'm sad and lonely.
And when I have the mean reds.
And when I have weird dreams that are too inappropriate to share with anyone.
And for every other time that I can tell you anything, even when it's dumb.
(Especially when it's dumb.)
And for being the only person who understands me completely musically.
If you were a boy, I'd chase you to the ends of the earth.
Thank goodness you're not, so I can just have you whenever I want without having to worry about all those complicated emotions.

Come back soon.

Because I miss you.
(And I'm getting the mean reds and you're so good at keeping them away.)
Love, Mulder

Dear Word Girl,
Really? Japan? It's so so far!
But not even a whole ocean could change my love for you.
Hurry home with lots of stories to tell me.
My love for you is like a loving river of loving love.

Dear Boy,
Really? No.
I do not want to be your friend.
Maybe tomorrow.
You are a male siren in all your hot glory. I'm plugging my ears.

Dear 30 Rock,
Thanks for making me laugh out loud last night.

Dear Danielle,
You are amazing.
From Swan Princess to Spanish help to German pancakes.
I need you there for all of it.
Best neighbor ever.

Dearest Michelle,
Our dinner party is going to be the classiest opening event of the Spring season.
I can't wait.

Dear Utah,
Giving me a ticket was stupid.
I did not cause that wreck!!!!

Dear Legs,
Suck it up.
Walking and bicycling is good for you.
If you behave, I'll find you a good running trail and maybe take you hiking.

Dear Body,
Thanks for slimming down and tanning so nicely.
You're looking good these days.

Dear San Francisco,
I'm looking for schools and apartments.
I'll be back soon.

Dear A Fine Frenzy,
Could you get any better?
I want to be you, Alison Sudol.



  1. I love what you wrote to Boy, your legs and 30 Rock. Also, you caused a car accident? I have only been gone one day.

  2. ugh! that last picture SO made me want to do our awesome photo shoots we discussed!! One day. Maybe not so soon. But for reals.


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