Sunday, May 23

Happy Birthday, Moose Man!

(His silly happy face is so like my own)

So I have this little brother.
And yesterday was his birthday.


So exciting!

And I love him a lot.
And I don't know if he even reads this, but I'm going to post it on his Facebook so he has to.

He's the one I call when I hear a ridiculously stupid joke that I can't tell to anyone else without getting socially rejected forever.
And he even laughs at them.

He's the one who is politically savvy and passionate.
Look out, America. He might run for president one day.

He's got this mop of curly hair that is adorable, but he won't let me touch it.
One day I'll wear him down with pomade.

He's sarcastic.
But oh so nice.

And he has this little silly voice that he uses when talking to the pet guinea pig that is sappy and so ridiculous that you could puke with the sugary sweetness of it.
He got that from me.

He hates vaccuming, but he does it anyways because mom always asks him.

And he's really good at guitar.
Like, really good.
He's going to teach me some songs this summer.
He has really big muscles. Watch him whup Dennis at stick pull with no problems.

And great musical taste.

He embraces all his quirks.
And so do I.

Because he's awesome.
And he has more courage in life than I ever will.

Which is nice.

I love you, Moose/MongATongTongHongEWong

Happy Birfday.

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  1. What a sweet sweet sister you are!
    Matthew better read this!

    I love it when people have birfdays because you write the greatest things about them!

    October 1st baby!
    Please and Thank you!



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