Thursday, October 15

M: Music

We all know that I am obsessed with music.
I blame my mother for raising me on big, powerful music that just takes over your whole soul.
I grew to develop my own tastes {but don't worry, I still love love love The Grass Roots, Jay and the Americans, Beverly Bremmers, Petula Clark, Lobo, Olivia Newton John, BJ Thomas, Gary Puckett...the list goes on and on}.
And now I am crazy for country, insane for Ingrid {concert Saturday! Woot!}, ridiculous for Regina, silly for She & Him, manic for musicals... ok I'll stop now.

How do I label some of my favorite music?
When someone asks me what kind of music I love, I can say, "Country, musicals... IngridMichaelsonShe&HimReginaSpektorJoshuaRadinMariaTayloretc.etc...."
That has got to stop.

Ingrid and Miranda have fabulous new albums and Lady A has promised us a lovely new one for January 26th.
Be ready.

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