Tuesday, October 27

Guess What?

I have the flu.
And it has already ruined my life.
I had a huge paper due yesterday and I couldn't think well enough to do it.
And I had a costume party on Saturday
(H-face and I got fake blood and scrubs for me and a butcher outfit for her. Scary? Yes.)
And I can't sleep.
Which is why it is 4:00 in the morning and I am blogging instead of sleeping.
I just took a Tylenol p.m. and am waiting for it it kick in.

Anyways, the point of this post is to ask all of you to update your blogs.
Because I've watched most of the movies we have, I've exhausted Hulu, and the only book left that I haven't read is Henry James' Portrait of a Lady.
And that is much too heavy stuff for my fuzzy brain (I'm not getting enough oxygen, I'm sure).
So I need something to do.
a.k.a. Read blogs.
Help me.
I'm going crazy.

.credit Isn't this a cute picture? I love Flickr.


  1. I'll get on that. I'm so sorry you are sick. Wanna borrow any movies or something?

  2. Oh Reyna! Sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better soon. I will post as much as possible. haha!

  3. Definitely no good at all. Bleh. I'm so sorry. If you want, I can go to American Heritage tomorrow and we can video chat during it so you wouldn't be missing out.


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