Saturday, October 31

Happy Birthday Brother!

Once there was a baby born on Halloween.
Creepy? Yes.
But don't worry, this was a Nice Baby who grew to be a Charming Boy.
He was the oldest, so that gave him certain privileges, but he never exercised unrighteous dominion. If anyone did, it was the Magnificent Madam Mim ( or Younger Sister).
Instead, he was goofy and nice and if somewhat lazy, no one could grudge him that.
After all, Mother Dearest always did call his name first when there was work to be done.
So he grew up to be a Jolly Fellow who did Great Things.
Well, the Great Things were few, but he has plenty of time to work on those.
This only being his 22nd birthday and all, he has plenty of time to do Stuff.

Happy Birthday, Brother!
Madam Mim

In fact, we all love you.

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  1. That is a fantastic poem.

    Thanks for reminding me to call him!


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