Sunday, October 18

M: Matthew Perryman Jones

How perfect is it that the night I go see Ingrid Michaelson her opening act is Matthew Perryman Jones, just in time for the letter {M}?
Perfect, no?

So basically I went to see Ingrid with Miss Elphaba and it was amazing!!!
That girl can belt it out.
And she is better live.
I love me some Ingrid.
So, top picks for the night were

Sort Of
The Hat
Die Alone
And the remix of Maybe with lyrics about Mexican food
Far Away was pretty good too.

But on the Mr. MPJ.
I love him. His lovely lyrics. His beautiful, soft voice. And we got to take a picture with him. Lovely. He is sweet.
l to r: Liz, me, Matthew Perryman Jones, Miss Jodi, & Heather

Best songs of his included

Rain or Shine
Where the Road Meets the Sun
Save You
Feels Like Letting Go
Until the Last Star Falls

Post Edit: Pictures are courtesy of Miss Jodi and H-Face.


  1. For me, Ingrid's bests were:
    The Chain
    Mountain and the Sea
    Locked Up
    The Hat
    Maybe (the regular version)

    As for Matthew Perryman Jones:
    Save You
    Rain or Shine
    Top of the World

    Let's steal the music from Jodi.

  2. Oh wasn't he delicious. One burned copy of that CD coming soon to your door.


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