Friday, June 28


22 was terrible.
I would not be 22 again for the world.
(Taylor Swift is lying. Avoid it.)

23 was good.
I learned a lot.
I loved a lot.
I lost a lot.
I was comfortable.
I was the saddest I've every been.
I was the most delighted I've ever been.
Equal opposites were strongly at work.

I'm ready.
I'm excited for all I have to learn and all I have to do.
Sometimes I wish I was further along in school or relationships or whatever it is.
So I think 24 is going to be full of hard work.
It's going to be a little lonely
(everyone of importance is getting married, it seems)
but it is going to be full of delightful fun times as well.

I'm becoming more and more of a homebody.
I do so love to read a book for hours at a time.
Or watch movies.
But I also still love adventures.
So this year should have some good adventures to it. 

I want to be better.

I am grateful that I have more time to do all that.

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