Tuesday, January 15

The List

You know.
THE List.
The one that every girl makes at some point to describe her dream man.
I could pull out my old journals and give you some entertainment.
With things like,
Tall and dark with curly hair and green eyes
Must act like Mr. Knightley and be a Jedi and have a beard and also be a pirate

Luckily, I've matured enough to not have that kind of a list anymore.
My list now is based off of the best components of my favorite relationships with my loved ones.

1. enjoys being silly
2. crazy about me
3. enjoys being around me
4. expresses love frequently
5. honest with me, even when I am wrong, but never in a hurtful manner
6. will drop everything and come if I need him
7. provides where possible
8. needs me in his life
9. expresses his needs/wants/opinions
10. generous to everyone
11. places people above things
12. makes sacrifice look easy because he understands that it is worth it
13. loves his/mine/our family
14. energetic
15. gentle
16. comfortable 
17. willing to place my needs above his own
18. supports me and my ideas
19. strives for creativity
20. humble enough to ask for my help
21. worthy priesthood holder
22. loves the temple
23. loves me!

I know it is a long list.
But these are the things that the people I love and admire most in my life exemplify and are striving for.
These are the things that I strive for in my every day life. 
And I don't think it is too much to ask of myself or the man who I love.

What does your list look like?
Are you married and does your spouse fit your list?

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  1. I like your list. I definitely feel that Russell lives up to the "list." I know that the longer I am married to him, the more I fall in love with him and all of his great qualities. I think as I have been a mom, more weaknesses of mine have been brought to light and he has to work harder to love me despite them. He, on the the other hand, seems to have become a better person since becoming a parent. Anyway, love you!


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